Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm 37, and I'm a Walkman

You know what really burns me? That little Asian girl on the Windows commercial, “my name is Kylie. I’m 4-1/2 and I’m a PC.”

What do you mean you’re a PC? You’re 4-1/2, you’re a Fisher Price. You’re a teddy bear. At best you’re a Magna Doodle. But you, my dear, are far too young to be a PC because I am 37 and I barely know how to edit the photo gallery on my computer, so you should not be using your tiny little fingers to “stick this thingy in here and make the picture better.”

Seriously, I just threw away my Sony Walkman last year, the same one I got for Christmas in 1988. I still don’t have an iPod. I just bought my second cell phone—ever-- last week and only finally mastered how to take a picture on that thing today, a week later and with my husband’s tutoring.

Today I came across a You Tube video posted by a family friend. It was shot by 7-year-old and 3-year-old sisters. BY THEMSELVES. Their 9-year-old sister happened to find it on the family computer. Not only were their on-air adlibbing skills far advanced for their ages, but the production quality of the clip was quite creative. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be the next Food Network comedy cooking duo.

My husband and I talk about having kids, and he has only one caveat: “They have to learn Photoshop right away.” Sigh…little Kylie is going to have to come tutor me first.


  1. That's not totally accurate. I said "they have to learn eutero." :) That way I can push all my Photoshop work off onto the kid at age 6 or so while "Uncle Leo" and I hit the golf course, or something.

    One of his/her first gifts is gonna to be a Wacom tablet and mouse.

  2. The ranting of a bitter Luddite. I recognize it because I am one, too! Despite making my living on the computer (I live and die by a stable internet connection), I know very little about the thing. I don't adapt well when things go wrong. I really ought to father a Kylie of my own because I'm sure she'd be cheaper and more efficient than tech support and computer repair!