Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Okay

Yesterday I was getting my hair colored. While sitting in the foils I picked up a magazine that listed a bunch of things the editors deemed “okay” to do in the next year. So I’m stealing their idea for this post, with my own twist.

This year,

It’s okay to still wear Ugg boots this season, even if the fashion mags say they’re a “don’t.” They’re super warm and super comfortable, so Ugg away!

It’s okay to start college now even if you won’t finish until you’re 40. You’re going to be 40 anyway, you might as well have a degree when you reach it.

It’s okay to deny a friend request on Facebook. It’s okay to de-friend someone, too.

It’s okay if you’re absolutely cuckoo about Twilight, and it’s okay if you’re not.

It’s okay to have your own taste in music, even if that guy from high school who acts like he’s the Guru of Rock tells you that your taste is infantile and shallow. You like what you like, and if that includes Party in the USA, then so be it.

It’s okay to turn down a party invitation whether you have a good reason or not.

It’s okay if your kids don’t look perfect in the Christmas card photo.

It’s okay to walk out of a stinker of a movie only halfway through.

It’s okay to NOT wear the hooker/stripper platform stilettos that the media keep ramming down our throats as the must-have of the year. We can't all be Posh Spice.

It’s okay to use accrued sick days even when you’re not sick.

It’s okay to have secrets.

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